Rooms of the CAD engineers Progegno

We are CAD

CAD Styling, development, engineering and training in typical German quality: PROGEGNO

CAD Felge des Konstruktionsbüros Progegno

CAD is passion

Catia or Siemens NX: we style and develop all your products in CAD.

CAD Tastenfeld des Konstruktionsbüros Progegno

CAD is versatile

Progegno offers you everything around CAD: styling, engineering, development and training.

CAD Konsole des Konstruktionsbüros Progegno

CAD is aesthetics

CAD-Projects need a detailed visualisation. As CAD engineers we're your partner.

CAD Development – Styling – Consulting – PROGEGNO

PROGEGNO offers development services for the complete range between concept, styling up to serial release and production. In the engineering process we focus on CATIA and NX CAD software.

Our experience is based on projects in cooperation with relevant automotive manufacturers and their suppliers.

We assist our customer tool orientated! Complete solutions (specifications in CAD styling, prototyping, tolerances) can be implemented even in general product sector - considering flexibility, timelines and requirements.

We are your CAD partner for

  • CAD styling

  • CAD engineering

  • CAD development

  • CAD training